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"Tinus... thank you for all you've done for BBH. You made us feel proud. Don't forget us and make sure our paths cross again soon."
- Sir John Hegarty
May 2020 - Present
How does a pop-up agency work?
It starts with the smallest team possible.
It grows to the smallest team necessary, based on talent, not location.
Each team is built to budget, project needs, and most importantly, proven chemistry.
You pay for magicians, you get magic.
Aug 2016 - Jul 2018
Executive Creative Director
Global creative lead for Panadol, and regional creative lead on and Dulux.
Cincinnati OH
Dec 2018 - Jan 2020
Tasked with building the creative department and marrying it seamlessly with the core media expertise of Empower,
Jun 2010 - Jun 2016
Creative Director
Creative leadership on IKEA, Google, Chupa Chups, UOB Bank, FWD Insurance and Vaseline
New York, NY
Mar 2008 - Jan 2010
Associate Creative Director (Interactive)
Leading and creating integrated and interactive campaigns for GE, AT&T and Conservation International.
New York, NY
Sep 2007 - Jan 2008
Freelance Copywriter
Worked on Converse, Virgin and Dasani. Great little in between gig. Also, the writers for The Onion worked on the floor above us. They were cooler than us.
Aug 2006 - Aug 2007
Freelance Head of copy
Ogilvy Redcard Singapore
Worked on The Economist and the BBC creating traditional and interactive work.
Oct 2000 - Jul 2006
Senior Copywriter
BBH Singapore
My formative years. Worked on Levi's, Axe, Johnnie Walker and Mercedes Benz.
Johannesburg, South Africa
Jan 1998 - Sep 2000
My first job. Worked on Nike, HSBC, 5FM Radio, Caesars Casino.
Johannesburg, South Africa
Jan 1997 - Jan 1999
Advertising Diploma with Specialization in Copywriting
Graduated with honors and was selected for internship at The Jupiter Drawing Room.
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2019 Campaign Magazine Agency of the Year
- Agency Marketing

Singapore Gold Effie 2018
- UOB 'Enduring Values'

 Singapore CCA 2016
- Best of Category (Film & TV) IKEA 'Get Cheras to Cheras'
- Gold (Film & TV) IKEA 'Get Cheras to Cheras'
- Silver (Cyber) IKEA 'Get Cheras to Cheras'
- Silver (Branded Content & Entertainment) IKEA 'Get Cheras to Cheras'
- Silver (Cyber) IKEA 'From Christmin to Christmax'
- Bronze (Design) IKEA 'Love is complicated'
- Silver (Film & TV) UOB Bank 'Grocer'
- Bronze (Film & TV) UOB Bank 'Brand'
- Bronze (Film & TV) UOB Bank 'Bicycle'

D&Ad 2015
- Integrated Wood Pencil IKEA bookbook 

Webby Awards 2015
- People's choice best copywriting IKEA bookbook

Cannes 2015
- 2 x shortlist for IKEA Bookbook

One Show 2015
- Merit IKEA bookbook

Singapore Effies 2015
- Gold IKEA bookbook

Singapore CCA 2014 IKEA bookbook
- Best of show
- Integrated best of category
- Digital best of category
- Copywriting craft silver
- Poster silver
- Media bronze

New York Festivals Judge 2014
Portfolio Night 2014

Hall of Fame Singapore 2013
- Social media campaign of the year

Singapore CCA 2013
- Integrated Gold Google Open Spaces
- Best of category poster Google Open Spaces
- Digitally led integrated bronze Google Open Spaces
- Outdoor and Poster Silver Google Open Spaces
- Viral advertising Bronze Chupa Chups April Fool
- Viral video Silver Chupa Chups April Fool

Singapore CCA Silver (2012)
- Vaseline "Stunt double"

The Appies (2012)
- Google - The web is what you make of it

Webby Award Winner (2009)
- Conservation International

Black Sheep Award - Internal BBH award for innovation. (2008)
- Axe 'Silky Kumar'

One Show Finalist (2008)
- VW Touareg

Adfest Bronze (2008)
- VW Touareg

Effie (2008)
- Axe Japan Launch

Cannes Finalist (2007)
- VW Touareg

One Show Finalist (2007)
- The Economist

Effies Asia Pacific (2007)
- Axe 'Silky Kumar'

China 4A's 1 Gold, 2 Silver (2007)
- VW Touareg
Media Awards Judge (2004)

D&Ad Silver nomination + 2 Acceptances into the annual (2003)
- Levi's Women's 501

Gunn Report Best print ad in the world (2003)
- Levi's Women's 501

Art Directors Club 5 Merits and 1 Distinctive Merit (2003)
- Levi's Women's 501

Media Awards Best of show + 2 Gold + 5 Silver (2003)
- Levi's Women's 501

Adfest Gold + 2 Silver (2003)
- Levi's Women's 501

Singapore CCA 4 Silver + 8 Bronze (2002 + 2003)
- IAS Conference + Levi's Women's 501

Cannes Finalist (2001)
- Volvo

Loeries Student Gold (1999)
- Reebok